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EVEN Hotels
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EVEN Hotels
When challenged to launch EVEN, IHG’s new wellness hotel concept for business travelers, we quickly realized we needed to do more than build awareness...we needed to create a category.​ Instead of using a nebulous concept to get more heads in beds, defined EVEN’s well-minded amenities by their real benefit: the ability to maintain your routine, so you can be at your best when you travel. From this insight, we created an branding concept with a key message we knew would resonate: “Keep Your Good Thing Going.”
+47.9% in Aided Awareness
+66.7% in Brand Favorability
+95.2% in Consideration Intent
 +120% in Differentiation Perceptual Metrics
Simon Candy, Executive Creative Director
Lexi Corn, Creative Director
Becca Zavorski , Copywriter
Tom Durante, Art Director
Teresa Hasala, Designer
Patrick Worley, Designer
Michael Keenan, Editor
Christine Presto, Agency Producer
Alberto Oviedo, Photographer
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