Historically, Reebok has been on the forefront of cult-like workout phenomena – from creating the first aerobics shoe, to sponsoring the Crossfit Games. So when Reebok chose Iris to introduce the world to its first shoe made for HIIT, we knew we had to do more than list a few tech points – we needed to tap in to the convictions of a culture. We found two key insights we’d use to create a compelling, authentic campaign. First: running shoes were the primary form of footwear worn to HIIT class – not ideal for the lateral moves HIIT requires. Second, an insight that would appeal to our primarily female audience: to succeed at HIIT, you must put forth your personal maximum effort - a methodology that encourages community over competition. And it was there that our campaign was born: No Competition. We brought this concept to fruition through directing a multi-day video and photoshoot that would yield an omnichannel toolkit (with over 100 elements!) for Reebok and its Western European retail partners - all designed to authentically speak to the culture behind the HIIT community.
Simon Candy, Executive Creative Director
Lexi Corn, Creative Director + Copywriter
Ryan Paladino, Art Director
David Penn, Design Director
Chris Buda, Agency Producer
Order Disruption, Production, 3D and Finishing