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Airo was on a mission to become the most recognized and loved cannabis inhalation product on the market. The problem? By 2019, cannabis customers in the U.S. had been introduced to over 600 brands. 
To help Airo strategically stand out at launch, we started with an audience that most new cannabis brands take for granted: the existing user.  Instead of marketing Airo Vapor as a product that makes it ok to smoke weed, we positioned it as the brand that takes your good time seriously, with slick, proven and consistent technology and cannabis experiences that undulate to fit your refined tastes.  
Cannabis Clios
2020 American Advertising Awards / Silver / Illustration Series
2020 American Advertising Awards / Silver / Integrated Brand Identity Campaign
 We further developed this direction into our core concept called 'Cultivate a State of Mind,' and created a brand system that endlessly shifted and transformed to articulate different moods and mediums, without compromising on the sleek and sexy tonality that elevated outdated stoner tropes. 
Simon Candy, Creative Director
Lexi Corn, Creative Director
Ryan Paladino, Art Director
Ricky DePugh, Copywriter
Teresa Hasala, Designer
Patrick Worley, Designer
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