To strengthen our relationship with the Reebok client, we sent the senior team a gift that would remind them why they’ve historically chosen to work with Iris in the first place: we’re the people you call when the task on your desk seems impossible. To do this, we commissioned a series of custom illustrated shoes - each representing a different marketing challenge that Iris has helped Reebok solve in the past. With each shoe, we included an Amazon Dash button that we had hacked to be a "Marketing Emergency" button. When pressed, it would send our team an email requesting assistance. Finally, we encased each pair of shoes in a safety glass box that the Reebok team would need to crack open to access their gift. 
Simon Candy, Executive Creative Director
Lexi Corn, Creative Director + Copywriter
Teresa Hasala, Designer
Caleb Morris, Illustrator
Reebok loved the gift so much, they asked us to create a similar set of shoes for artist Rae Sremmurd.
The shoes below are the outcome of the follow-up project.