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Reebok JJ III 
JJ Watt is a man who has overcome more than most. The intensity at which he trains at is staggering, and he’s pushed aside many an obstacles to get to the top…but we all already know that. We wanted to use the JJ III as a platform to make a statement that’s bigger than product…something unexpected from the brand and the player.
Enter: Made of Many. A campaign that used each shoe drop to prove a single story: JJ is a person who believes that haters, setbacks, and even failures can lead to your biggest opportunities. They can break you, or they can make you. Iris was at the helm of everything from initial concept, to shoot production, to final execution for social, digital and retail. The campaign not only revealed an unexpected story that generated buzz, but also excellent sales numbers for the athletic brand.
2019 American Advertising Awards // Bronze - Art Direction
Simon Candy, Executive Creative Director
Lexi Corn, Creative Director
Ryan Paladino, Art Director
Becca Zavorski, Copywriter
Chris Buda Agency Producer
Teresa Hasala, Designer
Patrick Worley, Designer
Company 3, Video Edit, Sound and VFX