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As a creative writer and a self-proclaimed beauty addict, it's always been a dream to name an OPI nail polish color. And as luck would have it, I got the chance to do just that when Porsche collaborated with OPI for a limited-edition nail color created for its owners.

The polish color was crafted to be an exact match for the Porsche's iconic Guards Red paint hue, and named using OPI's eminent pun mechanic: Send Our Re-Guards Red. The polish was delivered by mail to each targeted owner as a thank you gift for being a loyal Porsche driver. The unexpected delivery and the exclusivity of the color delighted drivers, resulting in a number recipients posting on socials with pictures of the manicures that matched their Porsches.   
Lexi Corn, Associate Creative Director
Becca Zavorski, Copywriter
Teresa Hasala, Designer​
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