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Trailer Pursuit
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Great Dane challenged Iris to create an experience that would increase understanding of the value of their Everest refrigerated trailer (reefer) at an upcoming tradeshow. After studying our audience, we found that, while the Everest reefer was far superiority to its competition, it was difficult to understand why, given that all the innovation was built into a plain, white liner that looked just like everyone else’s. We needed an experience that would challenge tradeshow guests to prove they knew what was going on inside the walls of their reefers.
So we created Trailer Pursuit – an interactive quiz experience that challenged guests to bet on their reefer knowledge. Each correct answer earned players one of four digits that, when combined, opened a safe that contained prizes related to Everest’s exclusive features. With each incorrect answer, players were served an animated video that would explain exactly what they were missing if they chose a competitor’s reefer. 
Lexi Corn, Creative Director
Santi Saucedo, Associate Creative Director
Becca Zavorski, Copywriter
Chris Buda, Agency Producer
Animations created by Fern
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