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In January of 2020, we set out to make a film to support adidas'  2020 Olympic Games campaign. Then, the world went on lock down and the Games, along with our spot, were canceled. But is anything ever really cancelled...or is it more like a call to pivot? 
There was a big story happening here, and our adidas' athletes had every reason to tell it. Because, for some, one year is a flash in the pan, but when you're within inches of a dream more year can feel like an eternity. But if there's one thing we know to be true about Olympic athletes, it's that they are uniquely equipped to manage "one more," after all, that's how they became Olympians in the first place. This story of hope in the face of great disappointment became the narrative of our "take two" on adidas Olympics. 
2020 Clio Sports // Shortlist
2020 American Advertising Awards // Gold // Internet Commercial
2020 American Advertising Awards // Gold // Crisis Response Award
2020 American Advertising Awards // Gold // Editing
Simon Candy, Executive Creative Director
Lexi Corn, Creative Director
Chris Buda, Agency Producer
Sarah Chatfield, Film Director
Company 3 & Beast, Video Edit, Sound and VFX 
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